Dowsing in the UK 

        National Groupings include...

            British Society of Dowsers :

            Dowsing Research Group :

            Professional Dowsers Register :

            International Association of Health Dowsers :

            Local Dowsing Groups :                 www.localdowsinggroups.UK

and the   Spirituality Special Interest Group ... 

As dowsers we are familiar with extraordinary experiences that extend our perceptions of reality.  Sometimes these lead us to a feeling of connectedness or exhibit as the most amazing synchronicities in our lives.  Our sensitive ‘antenna’ pick up many vibrations or energies that some people perceive as spiritual and emanating from a divine source.

This special interest group has been set up to bring a small group of people together to explore our various spiritual experiences; share our own journeys and consider why we have been blessed with these gifts.  In particular the group will be aiming to make deeper connections that help us to live and work in a more spiritual way.  Curiosity and an open mind are the only prerequisites.